Your Solution to Major Golf Corporate Hospitality Packages at "The Top 4 events in the World of Golf"

Our philosophy is simple. In order to retain our reputation for offering our customers the best service, exceptional standards of corporate hospitality and excellent value for money, we must continue to be the UK's premier leader of Golf Corporate Hospitality Packages for all Major Golf competitions including:

We have over 20 years’ of experience taking individuals and groups to these events with The Masters being our Pinnacle event every year. Our new facility at The Masters opened in 2012 and is set to revolutionize the Golf Corporate Hospitality experience at The Masters for years to come.

Our Sales staff have hands on experience of these events, and are available to talk to you about the different options available anytime. Professionalism sets apart an individual and a company in any business and here at Major Golf Tours we plan to bring a dream to reality that with never be forgotten.

Our Golf Hospitality Packages and tickets are 100% secured. We don’t want to just give you your money back, we want you to experience the dream of going to the event and if you have never been at The Masters or Ryders Cup, call Major Golf Tours to look at the options available.

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